Testimonials of Patients showing no relapse


27 years No Relapse of Slipdisc problem after treated by Acupuncture treatment at SARC GOA

3 years ago

I am Kamlaksh Lotlikar from Nuvem. I was suffering with severe lumber slip disc with severe pain of sciatica happened suddenly while lift...


Severe #SLIPDISC with #Sciatica treatment by #Acupuncture at SARC-Goa Hospital permanent relief Eng

3 years ago

Mr. Raghuvir Parab was suffering from severe lumber slipdisc with sciatica. His case was so severe that surgery was the only possible opt...


Severe Rheumatoid arthritis cured 25 years back treatment by #Acupuncture at SARC-Goa no relapse Eng

3 years ago

Mrs. Sofie Gonsalves was suffering from severe Rheumatoid arthritis with elephant like swollen joints and severe pain and stiffness. Due ...


Vertigo Cervical and Lumber slip disc no relapse treatment by Acupuncture at SARC-Goa Hospital Eng

4 years ago

+91 98230 60 191 Dr Naina Naik was suffering from Severe Cervical and Lumber slipdisc 10 years ago when she was ...


Migraine treatment by Acupuncture at SARC-Goa Research Centre

9 years ago

www.sarcgoa.com. KALPANA SHSHI DHARAYAN had severe attack of MIGRAINE video taken during attack and before treatment. She was finally...


RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS treated by Acupuncture at sarcgoa Research Centre, recorded after 5yrs Konkani

9 years ago

www.sarcgoa.com, LUCY DIAS was suffering from RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS with all joints swollen stiff and very painful was finally treated...


| Slip-Disc | Shoulder | Migraine | Sinusitis | No Relapse after treated by Acupuncture at SARC GOA

3 years ago

Mrs. Anita Fernandes was suffering from many severe problems like, #Migraine, #sinusitis, cervical slipdisc, #frozen shoulder etc. which ...


Slip-disc permanent Treatment NO Relapse even after 10yrs PHILIPS R FERNANDES (English)

14 years ago

www.sarcgoa.com, 0091 9823060191, PHILIPS R FERNANDES was suffering from severe slip disc was totally cured by Acupuncture treatment at...


treatment by Acupuncture at SARC-Goa Hospital Pitting Oedima No Relapse Eng

4 years ago

www.sarcgoa.com, 0091 9823060191, Mr Nandkumar Nadkarni was suffering from Pitting Oedima, he tried different treatment but no effect....

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