Testimonials of Patients treated from Sore Throat (Loss of Voice)


Acupuncture treatment at SARCGOA Views of wilson Severe Sore throat (English)

13 years ago

www.sarcgoa.com, 0091 9823060191,Wilson was suffering from Severe Sore throat was totally cured by Acupuncture treatment at SARC-Goa...


Cervical Spondylosis, sore throat treatment by acupuncture DENIEL WILSON (English)

13 years ago

: www.sarcgoa.com, 0091 9823060191 DENIEL WILSON,, was suffering from Cervical Spondylosis, sore throat was totally cured by...


KNEE Osteoarthritis, CERVICAL Spondylosis, HEEL Pain THROAT infection

10 years ago

www.drmbprabhu.com, AGatha Dsilva...

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