This is a small introduction of my Research presented in the world congress of new medicine for the third millennium on the occasion of celebrating 36TH Anniversary of Medicina Alternativa (Alma Ata) held at Colombo on 30th Oct. 1998. This is put on WEB site to share my so many year’s experiences.


Acupuncture is the oldest science, it is thousand and thousand years old. It is the part of Ayurveda. It was known as “ShiraVedh” in Ayurveda. “Shira” means channels or point on channel and “Vedh” means to prick.

As we know “Vedas” are the base of different systems of sciences. My research paper on this has been included it is titled as “SHIRAVEDH (ACUPUNCTURE) IS INDIAN IN ORIGIN”.

From the time I studied Acupuncture I went deeply through it and noticed that every where and every time whatever said in Acupuncture matches that with Ayurveda.

Acupuncture helps us to know root cause of the disorder and makes us easy to treat it.

The Research is based on the knowledge gained in my so many years practice of only Acupuncture and in doing research work in that.

In the Research I have proved that “correcting Liver and Kidney is most essential” in treating chronic so called incurable disorder.

This research is done based on my new concepts on Five Element Theory and my experience handling such cases.

Three new concepts are: – Concept of Five Element Theory. Concept of Grand Mother Grand Child Law. Concept of sedating one Yang and one Yin organ of the 12 organs to treat all the disorders.

Merely treating a patient with any treatment, without considering his all the other aspect such as patient’s habit of eating, emotional factors, it will not treat the patient with full satisfaction. As other associated factors will bother him more.

It is the first Research in which you will find many new topics included on my own research and will be of much useful in daily practice. Topics such as: In the Research, I have focused on the special aspects “how cases become chronic and incurable” giving one example of case of cervical spondylosis. How to handle the patients with chronic disorders. How about watching T.V. and working with computer affects our health. Why western medicine fails in curing diabetis. Say no to oily, pungent and sour things. Bed effects of eating gravy chicken and mutton. Different advisable food for different peoples doing mental work and physical work. Different diet and regimens advisable in different disorders to maintain health and to prevent occurring disorders. It is the first Research, in which how to combine points of many different types and concepts of acupuncture such as E.C.I.W.O. concept, ear points, hand points and different methods such as moxibustion, acubacum, blood letting and my special way of treatment is specified together in treating different disorders separately. How positive thinking play role in curing the patient.

I am sure that you will like the Research. I have written on this Research within 2 months time to present it in the world congress of new medicine for the third millennium on the occasion of celebration 36th Anniversary of Medicina Alternativa (Alma Ata) held at Colombo on 30th Oct. 1998.

The time was very short and lot of things were there in mind to write and present, so that other doctors can use and do more research on my research findings. I am sure that you will like this Research.

I have no intention to hurt any mind of any physician, when I mention about the western medicine, it is the base of the science what I mean to and not to criticize any science. As I believe in, all sciences are meant for human benefit and each science look in to it’s own angle, which is perfectly true in their way.

After all at the end “What patients need is relief from disorders and what pathy used is of no importance”

I have written the Research to share my experience with you. I am very thankful to you for having gone through this research and for sharing my knowledge. Dr. M. B. Prabhu


Dr. M. B. Prabhu from Sai Acupuncture Research Centre Dhupem, Uccassaim, Mapusa, Goa, India, who is an eminent practitioner of Acupuncture therapy. He has combined his experience gained from a long period of clinical practice and scientific research work and came with new Five Element Theory to explain and clarify lot of doubt’s created in treating chronic disorders. I know Dr. M. B. Prabhu since long time as an excellent practitioner with very good tongue, lovingly speaking to the people.

Dr. M. B. Prabhu has done wonderful job in writing this Research in which he has stressed especially on the importance of Liver and Kidney. In his research work he has proved correcting Wood and Water is most essential in treating chronic disorders.

I am appreciating his research work in Five Element Theory and his three new concepts on Five Element Theory which really will be helpful in perfect diagnosis and treating chronic disorders through root with ease.

In his Research, I found Dr. Prabhu has stressed on many new topics, which will guide the practitioner in achieving good results.

I am appreciating Dr. Prabhu for his skill in combining different methods of diagnosis, and different points of different methods of Acupuncture, which he has nicely explained in this Research. Lord Pandit Prof. Dr.Sir Anton Jayasuriya Chairperson Medicina Alternativa (Alma Ata) Affiliated to the Open International University for Complementary Medicines.

Shiravedh (Acupuncture) Is Indian In Origin

Acupuncture actually originated in India. In Ayurveda “Acupuncture” might be known to be as “Shiravedh”.

“Shiravedh” as the name suggest is an art of healing by pricking. Sanskrit word “Shira” means Blood vessels and “Vedh” means to prick. This actually means pricking blood vessels under the skin at particular points.

To do research on Shiravedh and to compare it with acupuncture, I went through different ancient Ayurvedic books written in Sinskrit and with Marathi Translation, I observed that Shiravedh was used to treat different ailments and points at which shiravedh was done , at the same place at which we do acupuncture for same disorders.

Few Sanskrit wordings from the Ayurveda stated below will prove the existance of Aucpuncture in Ayurveda the origin of Science.

“Tatra padadahapadaharshavachahukpadadari prabhrutishu xipramarmana Uparishtat Dvengulvrihimukhen Shira vedhyet” this in short means pain in leg, shoulder and such pain disorders can be treated by pricking at a point two fingers breadth from the margin of web between thumb and 1st finger that is the point “Hegu” which we use as analgesic point in acupuncture.

“Nabheradhaschaturangule Shivanya vamparshve Dakodare” this means if there is loose motion prick a point four fingers breadth below the umbilicus that point Guanyuean which we also use as acupuncture point for Diarrohea.

“Hanusandhimadhyagatamapasmare” if there is an attack of epilepsy prick the blood vessel near the mid point of philtrum that is point Renzhong which we also use in acupuncture for acute emergencies like epilepsy, convulsions etc.

“Jicharogeshwadhojivhanya Dantavyadhishu ch” For any problem of tongue and teeth prick the blood vessels on under side of the tongue that is extraordinary points Jinjin and Yuye which are on left and right side of the frenulum of the tongue which we use for swelling and stiffness of tongue.

“Karnayorupari Samantatkarnashule Tadroge ch” If there is pain in the ear or any ear problems prick the blood vessel near by the apex of the auricle that is point Shuaigu or Auditory area (A6) of the scalp acupuncture.

“Gandhagrahane Nasarogeshu ch Nasagre”If there is any disorder of nose or if there is loss of sense of smell, prick the blood vessel on the tip of the nose that is point Suliao in Acupuncture treatment used for nasal disorders.

This extract from the Ayurvedic book proves that in ancient times also there was acupuncture treatment known to be as “Shiravedh”. As I was doing research on the origin of Acupuncture I found that Shiravedh that is Acupuncture in Ayurveda is the reason behind the old Hindu traditions.

For example we prick ear for earrings of both baby boy and girl in childhood from the ancient time as this point was good for eyesight.

Raja Maharaja were putting Bali in the ears, it was to increase sex desire. We know that only ladies use “KumKum” (not ready made “Tikli”), nose rings and not the gents, this was because these points are good for common cold and sinusitis and ladies will have more of these problems as they are link with water in the kitchen, to avoid such problems these points were used, where our Ex1 and Yingxiang points are situated.

When I met the patients from Rajasthan they brought to my notice that if there is redness in eye they tie thread to the lobe of opposite ear by folding it vertically in two equal halves as a traditional method of treatment, the reason behind it is that “eye point” of the “Ear acupuncture” get pressed after folding it and clears eye problem.

There is also traditional method in Gujarat that they tie a eight ( ) shape knot between 2nd and 3rd toes to postpone the date of monthly period, the reason behind this I found is that perineum point of “Foot Acupuncture” get pressed.

I always go into deep study of old traditional methods of treatment and our activities in day to day life and found so many similarities between old traditional therapies.


Acupuncture: If points are needled it becomes acupuncture. In Himalayas people prick thorns and pointed bamboos to treat some disorders. Moxibustion: We use moxa sticks to heat the points. In villages for jaundice they burn the skin with hot coin. Cupping method: We use special cups and use suction pressure on the points, from olden days, also we see in some villages they remove “Ventoj” on stomach and back with the help of glass to remove pain. Acupressure: We use thumb or nail pressure in acute emergencies. In routine life also if somebody is fainted people press big toes or some other points.

This shows that this science is routinely used in daily life as traditional treatment. After all this, I may come to the conclusion that “Shiravedh” is the root of Acupuncture and was originated in India, like Buddhism it is passed over to China where it has been practiced widely and systematically for hundreds of years. By Dr. M. B. Prabhu (Research Paper presented in World Conference)

How Case Become Chronic

NEW ACUPUNCTURE RESEARCH ON “KNOW HOW” ABOUT DIFFICULT CHRONIC DISORDERS SO CALLED INCURABLE DISORDERS BASED ON MY NEW CONCEPT FIVE ELEMENT THEORY: To know root cause of chronic disorders and to know how case become chronic and incurable and how to handle such miserable cases and to give them relief.

Dr. Prabhu defines PAIN as: P-presence A-ailment I-insists N-needling i.e. symptoms that knocks the door saying that ailment is existing and required to be treated by needling.

We will take an example of one of the chronic incurable disorder, say, the case of Cervical Spondylosis.

As per my experience these patients are more troubled by symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis such as cramps, pain in neck and giddiness.

As per pulse diagnosis of such cases, I found, there is dysfunction of “wood and water.” That is liver & Gall-Bladder also Kidney is weak and its couple Urinary Bladder is excess. In such cases patient is found constipated, as Large Intestine is weak, Emotional and high tempered in behavior, as Fire is excess.

As such patients mostly have habit of eating oily, pungent and sour things, so 95% of the patients checked are found having hyperacidity and gastritis.

What I found in my practice is that, these patients when they come to me their disorders are found more chronic. When I take their case history, I found, years back, when they had started with this problem, their symptoms had just started with mild pain and cramps.

When they consulted the doctor for treatment with western medicines, they were mostly given, pain killers or antispasmodics. Actually this should give them relief from symptoms, but no, pain goes on increasing, as root cause is not treated with medicine.

We all know, the fact, that these painkillers or antispasmodic drugs have too much side effects on Liver. Liver tries to throw out all toxic and foreign things from blood through Kidney. These both, Liver and Kidney who are already working for 24 hours, are now over loaded in throwing out toxins and unwanted chemicals from the medicines. In doing this over burden work, they get tiered, and then slowly Liver and Kidney become weak in functioning.

As per the acupuncture science we know that Liver supplies energy to muscles and tendons, Kidney supplies energy to bone and cartilages of the body and controls them.

In medicine treatment of western science, when they give painkillers they do symptomatic treatment. I merely found, medicines cured any patient of Cervical Spondylosis. As in our daily practice we come across too many chronic cases of Cervical Spondylosis who have already tried western medicine.

As per my knowledge, fact is that, when patient takes these painkillers, it damages Liver and Kidney making them weak. As a result they cannot supply energy to muscles & tendons, bones & cartilages respectively making them weaker. So their pain and cramps increases more then before. Then doctors prescribe more strong painkillers, which further damages Liver and Kidney. As a result, day by day, as time goes on, patient’s problems goes on increasing instead of getting cured. After such a long time of treatment, Liver and Kidney reaches to such a stage that it cannot supplies even 15 to 20% of energy and start degenerating process of muscles and tendons, bones and cartilages respectively. Thus, case becomes too chronic and cannot be cured with medicines. Then they are labeled as incurable disorders.

By this time patient’s condition becomes totally miserable in addition they get so many other problems such as gastritis, indigestion, constipation, giddiness, vertigo, insomnia, almost all degenerating processes starts due to imbalance in five element cycle of the health.

As liver and kidney become deficient, they are not able to remove unwanted things to be excreted and thus serum uric acid, serum creatinine, rheumatoid arthritis factor etc.increases in the blood and thus may give rise to disorders such as gout arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

Such cases when they come to me, by pulse diagnosis, I find their Kidney, Liver, Gall bladder and Urinary Bladder are in imbalance, Lung is also excess and Large Intestine weak, which gives constipation and other problems due to Yin and Yang imbalance.

On the other hand, excess wood over acts on Earth giving rise to gastritis, indigestion, excessive fatness etc. As water is weak, it cannot control fire, which thus become excess, giving rise to high blood pressure, Depression, Heart Problems etc.

So total cycle gets upset and as much more the chronic case is and as much more medicine he has taken, his overall health will get spoiled.

In this stage, when patient comes to me, it becomes very difficult to treat.

At this time patient is heaving miserably worse stage. In this case, I do their thorough diagnosis through pulse diagnosis, taking his full case history and by using other methods of acupuncture diagnosis. Such as ear diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, nail diagnosis, eye diagnosis, E.C.I.W.O. method of diagnosis. In this way, I try to find root cause of his problem.

In treating this type of cases, I combine various types of treatments of acupuncture science, such as Body acupuncture, Ear acupuncture, Hand acupuncture, Sujok acupuncture, Acu-becum, Moxibustion, Blood letting, Plum blosm tapping, Scalp-acupuncture, E.C.I.W.O. concept etc.

By making combination of all these different types of acupuncture points and methods, I try to do balancing of yin and yang aspect and the energy in all organs of the five elements cycle. Once all the energies in five element cycle of acupuncture is balanced, five element cycle work smoothly, thus, giving overall health. In this way, I get success in treating and giving relief from this incurable disorders, within comparatively short period. After my acupuncture treatment patient gets total happiness and become devotee of acupuncture science.

At the same time, I advise my patient proper diet and regimens, which plays very important role in maintaining health.

I also make them aware about the exogenous factors, such as effect of wind, hot, damp, dry and cold climatic conditions on different organs of the body. Also explain them how to tackle with harmful effects of these weather conditions to achieve good health.

I also teach them to think positive about their disorders “As it has come, it will go, nothing is impossible, think positive that you will get cured”. I also increase their faith in treatment by giving examples of different cases treated, which were more worse then themselves. This changes their psychology and helps them in getting rid of psychosomatic pain.

Now a day, some disorders are labeled as incurable disorders in western medicine system. Just after checking these types of cases, some doctors straight away tell these patients “Your case is incurable, there is no cure for this disorder and still you can go with these tablets and medicines life long, for temporary relief”. This wordings or statements of some medical practitioners, itself, start negative thinking in patient’s mind. They take the medicines, knowing that it will not help them to cure. This itself make them think and act negatively, thus their ailments become psychosomatic and incurable.

The day, they come to me, I tell them that the case is not at all difficult and We can treat such cases very easily and explain this by examples of such treated cases or by showing recordings on video, the interviews of such patients.

This itself cures patients 40 to 50%, knowing that there is some remedy for this disorder and get satisfied. Remaining 50% of the relief is given by treatment of acupuncture. Such a way of treatment is must in treating the chronic incurable disorders.

It is very important to know ” What patient want is relief from the disorders, what type of treatment is of no importance”. That is “Important pathy is Curopathy and Sympathy”. That is, any treatment which will cure patient is curopathy. Sympathy for the patient will help him more to cure.

When patient comes to me, I do three punctures “Smilopuncture, Tonguopuncture and then Acupuncture”. That is when patient enters to my cabin, I give smile to him (Smilopuncture), then with sweet talk (Tonguopuncture), I take his case history, like family member, so he tells all the things in his mind without hiding anything. This aids very much in diagnosis.

For doing this full procedure I may require half to one hour or more at first stage but it helps me in doing correct diagnosis of so called incurable disorders. Once diagnosis of the case is complete, I explain about the fact and root cause of the disorder to the patient and then start acupuncture and relative treatment.

This all makes the work fast in giving best improvement in the patient’s condition. By Dr. M. B. Prabhu (Research Paper presented in World Conference)

Important Findings In Treating Chronic Disorders

1. Harm Of Television And Computer

Watching television and working with computer should be restricted or prohibited in cases of Liver dysfunction problems.

As eye is mirror of Liver and Liver supplies energy to eyes. So over straining of eyes, makes them weak. Which in turn, makes Liver weak by drawing more energy from it. As weak Liver is insufficient to supply energy to muscles making muscles weak. This gives cramps and pain in muscles and along Gall-Bladder channel mostly in the neck region. This pain is because of energy in Gall-Bladder is excess due to energy in its couple channel, that is, Liver is weak.

Other side effects of television watching or working with computer are indigestion, loss of hunger, pain in eyes, occipital headache etc.

Now, after cable and star channels came into existence there are continuous programs on television. So people are watching maximum programs and are working with computers more in this decade. This is the main cause that we find maximum cases of Cervical Spondylosis with cramps and pain in neck and hands is increased tremendously in this ten years as compared to before. Use of eyes on running screen is increased, that damages eyes and Liver. In my survey, it is also noticed that, after colour computer came into practice problems have increased to more extent. This is not due to radiation, but due to strain given to eyes, which in turn weakens the Liver, by drawing more energy from the Liver.

2. Physical Changes Seen Is Not Only The Root Cause Behind The Sufferings Of Cervical Spondylosis

We simply say that, most of the people get Cervical Spondylosis due to bending work, this may not be correct, as work of writing is done from many decades and, increase in number of cases of Cervical Spondylosis in this ten years is tremendous.

In my practice, I found patients, who are not doing writing work, housewife, childrens of teen-age and persons within age 20 to 40 years are more suffering from Cervical Spondylosis and Liver problems. This is because they are more fond of movies and watch them too much.

One who work with computer, one who have drinking habit, one who eat more spicy, fried food items are found to be affected more with Cervical Spondylosis, mostly associated with Cervical Cramps.

Some also says that Cervical Spondylosis is due to driving scooters or other vehicles which causes wear and tear of vertebra. But this may not be true. As per my knowledge, patients come with the symptoms of cramps and pain in the muscle. Then they are asked to get x-ray done, if there is any degeneration seen, we say it as Cervical Spondylosis. But in my practice, I found, that about 50 to 60 % of patients who came for the check up for Cervical Spondylosis have normal x-rays. These patients are then labeled as Clinical Spondylosis.

On other hand, with survey we found many cases with marked degeneration on x-ray’s have no symptoms of pain, cramps and are doing normal duties. This proves that wear and tear is not only the reason behind the cramps. But Liver and Gall-Bladder dysfunctioning, is the main cause behind their sufferings.

I have also found, with the pulse diagnosis, that 99% of the patients of Cervical Spondylosis have dysfunction of Liver and Gall-Bladder. They mostly have Hyper acidity as case history from long time. Thus Cervical Spondylosis is mainly due to dysfunction of Liver. Now this problem may be aggravated with writing, driving etc., but that is not the cause of the disorder.

I have done statistical research survey of treating patients, just by tonifying Liver and sadeting Gall-Bladder points. That has proved by correcting “wood”, patients get totally cured from Cervical Spondylosis. In addition got relieved from other side problems associated with Cervical Spondylosis.

3. Say No To Liver’s Contraindicated Food

Avoiding chicken, oily, pungent, sour things, liquor and other contra-indicated food for Liver will help Liver in functioning. It is 100% fact that eating chicken is very much harmful for liver. In most of the patients who come with signs and symptoms of headache, giddiness or nausea and with muscular pain, dizziness, drowsiness, dullness pain in eye or loss of sleep have always found, had taken chicken or mutton with gravy. It has found that 80% the patients with piles problem have strong history of having habit of eating chicken and spicy food excessively. So controlling or restricting the eating of chicken will help to keep ourselves healthy.

Secondly, we find maximum patients with liver and associate above problems also have habit of eating mango pickle everyday and excessively. Mango pickle is mixture of contraindicated items of Liver as mentioned above. That is raw mango (sour), chillies (pungent) and oil. This mixture is actually good for test but poison for Liver. If it is restricted or used limited, in amount for eating, will help to promote health.

To replace this mango pickle, I suggest pickle made from lime. Take pieces of lime and ginger add salt, you can add small quantity of black pepper powder for test if required. Than take juice of some more limes boil it and added to the mixture. After 8 days pickle becomes ready to eat. This pickle is very helpful to health, lime is good for controlling bile and acidity and ginger tonifies Lungs and control Fire.

Separate Advisable Food For People Doing Physical And Mental Work

People doing mental work must take different food from people doing physical work.

In my research I have proved that persons involved with mental work such as professionals where hard physical work is nil should eat mostly leafy vegetables to tonify their Brains. They should prohibit or restrict eating pulses and cereals as this create gases in the stomach and cannot be digested as there is no physical efforts. This wind then create lot of wind disorders. In Ayurveda it is called Vat rogas. They will find dullness in working and will not able to concentrate in work. To over come this physical exercises should be done, which will make you sweat and throw away wind through open pores of the skin and will make you active.

Vice versa people doing hard work, if they eat only leafy vegetable, they will not able to perform hard work and will feel tired just within no time. For these people pulses and cereal like Jawar and Bajara will help to increase strength and do work. You will notice that these people who do more hard work and eat more pulses are less brilliant as these pulses make their Brain dull.

In short, people doing Brain work should eat more leafy vegetables while those who are involved in hard physical work should eat more pulses. Research Of Dr. M. B. Prabhu.

Material For Research Work

The material used for the research work includes, patients being treated in Sai Acupuncture Research Centre Dupem, Uccasaim, Mapusa, Goa and acupuncture treatment camps at various places of Goa and neighbouring states for last 8 years that is from 1990 to 1997. In this research work, patients with chronic ailments with different severity were selected.

Methods Of Diagnosis Used In Research Work

Following are different methods of diagnosis of Acupuncture science used in diagnosis of patients in research work: –

  1. Thorough pulse diagnosis on empty stomach
  2. Taking case history
  3. Tongue diagnosis
  4. Nail diagnosis
  5. Eye diagnosis
  6. Ear diagnosis
  7. Diagnosis with Mu front point
  8. Diagnosis with back shu points
  9. E.C.I.W.O. concept diagnosis
  10. Taking family history
  11. Asking about food habits
  12. Asking about at what time problem is too much to know at that time which organ of body is having excess energy according to Organ Clock Theory.
  13. Taking into consideration, which emotional factors are seen in patient like excessive joy, anger, worry, sadness, fear or anxiety accordingly which organ is affected is noticed.
  14. Also which of the exogenous factors that is wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and summer heat affect the patient more is noticed.

By doing diagnosis in all this methods I finally reach to conclusion which organ is having excess energy and which is deficient. This helps in getting root cause of the disorder. Accordingly points to be tonified and sedated are selected and method of treatment and approximate time for treating case on the bases of experience is prescribed to the patient.

Methods Of Acupunture Treatment Used In Research Study

Patients were given two Acupuncture settings of 20 minutes per day for 10 days in month with gap of 18 to 20 days.

Patient were given different types of electronic stimulation of Acupuncturoscope which run on 9 volt battery.

Different points of Acupuncture science were combined to give best and fast result such as Body Acupuncture, Ear Acupuncture, Hand Acupuncture, Scalp Acupuncture, E.C.I.W.O. concept Acupuncture, Sujok Acupuncture etc.

Also different methods of Acupuncture science such as moxibustion, indirect moxibustion and moxibustion with ginger slice, Acubecum, Blood letting, plum blossom tapping etc. were used accordingly in tonifying and sedating to maintain balance.

Ear press needles were used in too chronic and in miserable cases. This needle is fixed with adhesive and retained it in the gap between the courses of treatment.

Baihui, sishencong were used almost in all cases to make patients mind to accept the result of Acupuncture and treat their psychosomatic problems. These points work as charger to brain and mind making them free from tension and get relaxed.

Points neiguan, shenmen, ear shenmen was used in almost all the patients to make them calm and treat their gastritis, palpitation and insomnia and other kinds of mental problems. This also increases appatite.

Quchi was also used in almost all cases in respective problems as Homeostatic and immunity improving point to maintain pressure, temperature etc. to normal and also to increase body resistance, to clear constipation other side problems. As the constipation is the main cause behind almost all disorders. This point is also important to maintain Homeostasis.

Moxibustion with ginger slice at dazhui is given, as almost all the channels meet at this point and this point has so many uses and one of the best Homeostatic points.


Treatment of chronic, incurable disorders is done by using my own RESEARCH Acupuncture points, own different methods of treatment and combining different types of Acupuncture mention below, for doing research work.

  1. Body Acupuncture points
  2. Ear Acupuncture points
  3. Hand Acupuncture points
  4. E.C.I.W.O. points
  5. Sujok points
  6. Scalp Acupuncture area

Points are combined in different manners, based on the response and improvement seen in the course of treatment.

If response is seen poor then other points are added. Hand stimulation of the hand points and special treatment such as scalp acupuncture, moxibustion, blood letting and acubecum is administrated accordingly, with examination, response and with experience. This way time to time combination of points, type of treatment and method of Acupuncture is changed, based on the past experience to get good result.

Way Of Giving Acupunture Treatment Used In My Research Center

Method of treatment used to acquire good results is, deposit of Rs.1000/- of the patient is taken separately and is used for the last course of the treatment advised by the doctor. So that patient is bound to take complete treatment.

Also monthly course charges are taken on the 1st day of the course of treatment. In this method patient cannot keep treatment irregular and incomplete.

Thus, this forces me to give patient relief and force me to try in different ways and any how give them result.

This is the main reason behind my progress in new way of treatment and researches in relieving patients from chronic disorders.

This, in turn, will help me in bringing my Acupuncture science on top and thus will prove the importance of Acupuncture science.

Conclusions of Important Research Findings
  1. Avoiding chicken, oily, pungent, sour things, liquor and other contra-indicated food for Liver will help Liver in functioning.
  2. Physical changes seen is not only the root cause behind the sufferings of CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS.
  3. People doing mental work must take different food from people doing physical work.
  4. Also restricting to work with computer to minimum possible time and watching television with limit, will be the boon to the Liver and thus the health. As “wood” (Liver and Gall-Bladder) is most essential in balancing the five element of the health.

To know detail of this, go through my next research paper titled as “correcting wood is most essential”

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