Neuropathy, Triggered Finger, Insomnia treatment by acupuncture at SARCGOA Hospital (English)

4 years ago

www.sarcgoa.com, ADV NAMDEV CHODANKAR was suffering from many severe problems like Neuropathy Triggered Finger and Insomnia was...


NEUROPATHY, TRIGGERED FINGER, INSOMNIA treatment by Acupuncture at SARC-Goa Research Centre

6 years ago

www.sarcgoa.com. ADV NAMDEV CHODANKAR was suffering from NEUROPATHY, TRIGGERED FINGER and INSOMNIA was finally treated by acupuncture...


ASTHMA, SINUSITIS, NEUROPATHY, Incontinence of URINE treated by Acupuncture

7 years ago

www.drmbprabhu.com, Damoddar Borkar...


Severe Diabetic #Neuropathy treatment by Acupuncture at |SARC-Goa Hospital| Miraculous recovery Eng

1 month ago

Mrs. Geeta Kudchadkar was suffering from severe Diabetic neuropathy for last 10 years getting shock like sensations in the feet and speci...

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