Prostate Enlargement, No Control OF URINE treatment by acupuncture RUSARIO FERNANDES (English)

12 years ago

www.sarcgoa.com, 0091 9823060191, RUSARIO FERNANDES was suffering from Prostate Enlargement, No Control OF URINE was totally cured by...


ASTHMA, SINUSITIS, NEUROPATHY, Incontinence of URINE treated by Acupuncture

9 years ago

www.drmbprabhu.com, Damoddar Borkar...


Retention of Urine, Problem of Passing UrineTreated by Acupuncture at Dr Prabhu's SARC-Goa Hospital

9 years ago

www.drmbprabhu.com, Vasanti Naik, Retention of Urine, Problem of Passing Urine, burning and frequent urinating sensation but cannot...


| ASTHMA | SINUSITIS | NEUROPATHY | URINE CONTROL | Treated with Acupuncture At SARC-Goa Hospital

10 months ago

I am DAMODAR BORKAR, I was suffering from Neuropathy, Causing it difficult to stand, walk, climb stairs, pain and swelling of legs causin...


|Treatment for Prostrate Enlargement | incontinence of urine | with acupuncture at SARCGOA Hospital

4 months ago

Mr. Jayant Dalal was suffering from Prostate enlargement leading to incontinence of urine for the last 25 years. Apart from frequent urin...

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