First Indian to have a Bachelor’s degree in Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Tuina through Shanghai University of TCM China in Chinese language.

About Dr. Saish Prabhu

Dr Saish Prabhu
Dr Saish Prabhu

Dr. Saish is a young enthusiastic doctor working at SARC-Goa Hospital Porvorim. He has invaluable experience gained during several years in China, where TCM is based.

He has dedicated his life to researching and mastering the deep roots of acupuncture and the Chinese way of healthy life.  

From an early age, his father, Dr. M. B. Prabhu, was constantly in treatment camps and Young saish was with him trying to understand how such chronic and horrifying diseases could be cured with tiny needles. It was a fascinating experience for him that had a magnetic effect towards the science of acupuncture. From an early age, he had a strong will to become an acupuncturist. When you set your life goal to become a healer, even the universe supports you, and through the tireless efforts of him and his father, he passed the admission procedure to SHANGHAI UNIVERSITY OF TCM, the most prestigious TCM university in the world, where the seeds of his lifelong desire to become a skilled acupuncturist like his father finally sprouted and blossomed into a tall tree.  

Having mastered one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world, he struggled to overcome the barriers of living in a foreign land like China which was no less than a foreign planet. Through hard work, he was able to not only learn the language but master it to an unimaginable level. He was able to decipher and understand the ancient Chinese language.

He has had the privilege of studying alongside eminent masters in the field, as well as fellow Chinese students, and has acquired unimaginable knowledge and skills. 
Shanghai University has some of the most advanced equipment and literature in the world, teaching everything from anatomy to acupuncture. Acupuncturists who graduate from SHUTCM are equally qualified as physicians and in addition have extensive knowledge in acupuncture, psychology, herbs, physical therapy, rehabilitation, exercise, nutrition, and diet.

As a university graduate, Dr. Saish is not only an ordinary acupuncturist but a complete healer, with the aim of relieving the suffering of his patients and prevention of disorders in the younger generation.  While in college, he had the opportunity to hone his knowledge of acupuncture. This includes a practice internship at the Yue Yang Hospital, Shanghai’s most famous TCM Integrated Western Medicine Hospital.

During his eight years of study at SHUTCM, an international acupuncture competition was held in China, in which outstanding doctors and students from all universities and hospitals across China were selected to participate. Participants were tested based on their knowledge of Acupuncture, skills of needling and moxibustion, tuina, and knowledge of classical texts like Yellow Emperor classic of internal medicine, The great compendium of Acupuncture, etc. Dr. Saish was of the participants who had qualified for the same from his university along with a few others. The competition lasted 4 months with many rounds and finally, Dr. Saish reached the Grand Finale of the competition along with other doctors and won 2nd place in the competition.

Acupuncture is a therapy that requires a deep understanding of Qi and control or the ability to manipulate Qi. It is said that to become a successful acupuncturist, like the ancient monks who developed this science, one must master one’s senses and one’s own qi, hence certain exercises like Qi gong, taijiquan(Taiwanese pronunciation Taichichuan), Baduanjin, Yijinjing, etc. needed to be practiced, Without it, Qi is just a term thrown around. Dr. Saish was fortunate to have very experienced masters, especially his TAIJICHUAN master, to guide him through this training.

Practicing Taijiquan At Bund Shanghai

Acupuncture is an imperfect kung fu skill without a proper understanding of how the body works and how chi moves, and can only be learned by feeling through exercises such as Tai Chi. Dr. Saish was lucky enough to meet Dr. Zhong Ying Yang, a master of Tai Chi and a doctor of TCM at a famous training center called Natural Path Academy. Dr. Zhong is the eighth-generation descendant of Yang-style Taijiquan, which was developed in China. Because Dr. Zhong himself was his TCM practitioner and a Buddhist, he understood how important it was to combine all the philosophies of Tai Chi, Taoism, Buddhism, TCM, and Western medicine to teach Saish the perfect way to heal. 

A Pic with Dr. M. B. Prabhu And Dr. Zhong Yin Yang

Along with Dr. Zhong, Dr. Saish had the once-in-a-million opportunity to study with the most renowned energy acupuncture teacher of ancient ways of treatment, Dr. Sylvie Martin who is a disciple of Dr. Jacques Pialoux from Switzerland. Where he learned the way of needless acupuncture a rare technique only known and used by few.

Dr. Saish wandered through China during his vacations, looking for monks and teachers who practiced and mastered ancient Taoist acupuncture and other techniques. During his quest, he managed to meet and study with some famous Daoist monks like Master Zhu Hua Ying and his disciple Master Zhu Xuan Chong who had spent their lifetime, unlocking the Oldest and most valuable text of TCM, The Book of Yellow Emperor Classic of internal medicine. Despite being a monk of Wu Dang order Master Zhu had intense indebt knowledge of Western medicine and TCM and had mastered the ways to combine both.

Another prominent figure in the TCM world is Dr. Li Xin. His lectures about understanding of how energy works in our body is priceless. Every needle put inside our body, and every medicine or food item consumed by us had reverberation and ripple effect, creating sickness and healing depending on the way the energy is moved. Only a true master of meditation and self-control can impart this knowledge to fellow students and teach them how to feel it practically. Dr. Saish was one of those lucky few who were close enough to him able to learn from him and his disciple Dr. Ma Kai Han and understand their brilliant view of the world.

Dr. saish always wanted to learn a special technique called Dr. Zhu’s Scalp acupuncture and due to the grace of Dr. Zhong Ying Yang, he was able to personally meet him and learn from him his scalp acupuncture techniques. Dr. Zhu Ming Qing is one of the most renowned acupuncturists in the world. His skills, dedication towards patients, and self-confidence is worth admiring. Dr. Saish had the opportunity to learn from him, in addition, he was also lucky enough to be Dr. Zhu’s translator during his lectures to fellow students which enabled him very close to Dr Zhu and learn a lot from him.

And the list goes on……

Dr. Saish Prabhu and his father, Dr. M. B. Prabhu, were honored at the commencement ceremony by the university’s faculty and board of directors as the first Indian Acupuncturist to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese.

Currently, Dr. Saish Prabhu is practicing with his Father At Sai Acupuncture Research Centre Goa, treating innumerable incurable cases and helping them get rid of their suffering and return to a healthy life. The skills he learned during his long stay in China and his lifelong learning experience with his beloved father, who was a proficient acupuncturist, became part of his journey to heal those around him with dedication and love.

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